Qmatic & Customer Experience (CX)

The smoothest customer journey and the richest experience.

Qmatic leads the way in customer journey management. By linking the service points in a store, branch or clinic, Qmatic’s solutions help managers understand and optimize the dynamics of the customer’s visit – and ultimately their experience.

  • Plan and monitor the customer’s entire visit
  • Capture data and information at each point of contact
  • Deliver excellent customer experiences
  • Improve your service
  • Drive efficiency
  • Grow your business and revenue
  • Reach new customers
  • And sell more to current customers

Whatever the customer journey and value you’re looking for, in one location or over a wide network, talk to us. We offers a broad range of products from standalone queuing systems to large-scale enterprise solutions, with secure integration to your other systems and the flexibility of on-premise, off-premise, mobile or cloud-based options. All backed up by more than 30 years’ experience and knowledge of delivering seamless, rewarding customer journeys.

Our Solutions

  • Queue Management
  • Customer Journey Management
  • Online Appointment Booking
  • Business Intelligence
  • Customer Feedback
  • Mobile Solutions
  • Distributed Operations

Self-Service Kiosk

First impressions count – and define the journey

For a smooth, enjoyable customer journey, it’s vital to get off to a good start. Qmatic self-service kiosks are the first physical engagement your customer has with your environment. These attractive and intuitive components act as an on-premise gateway for customers, citizens and patients, giving them a way to quickly self-manage processes like checking in or selecting service, and keeping them informed about where to go, what to do, or how long to wait.

The result? Your environment works more efficiently, the transition from online to onsite is seamless, and everybody knows what to do – including employees who can focus on the customers who need their help and expertise.

Qmatic produces two exclusive self-service kiosks, and certified tickets for use in the kiosks. These components are designed to be used individually or combined to suit your environment:

  • Long-lasting design to suit busy environments
  • Unique selection of touch screens or screens with buttons
  • Choice of kiosk to suit your operation and premises – or a mix of kiosks, all working together
  • Flexibility to work with any Qmatic system, meaning upgrades to new systems can be made without any investment loss

Intro 17 Self-Service Kiosk

The largest self-service kiosk in our range.

  • All the intelligence you need to give great service in one device, making things simple and reducing your technical worries and cost
  • Size and flexibility to suit any type of service or information you would like to provide
  • Capacitive 17-inch touch screen meaning hardly any pressure is needed. And the angle of the screen makes it visible in a wide range of environments

Intro 8 Self-Service Kiosk

Flexibility in a convenient size.

  • For when a larger kiosk is not needed or would not fit your premises
  • 8-inch high capacitive touch screen with an ultra-modern design and technology, providing the same feel as a smartphone

Qmatic Software

How far do you and your customers want to go?
Based on your customer journey needs, your future ambitions, the size of your budget and getting the fastest return on your investment, you can find a Qmatic software solution that’s exactly right for you – and also adapts and grows with you over time.

Choose a Solo solution for a single location or to get you started. For more advanced needs, select the modern enterprise platform, Orchestra. Whichever way you want to go and however you configure your solution, its flexibility and scalability mean that you re-use previous investments if and when you expand your system.

Solo (Single Location)

Getting the control and data you need to create a great, profitable customer experience doesn’t have to be complex. Solo is a simple, extendable and highly proven resource for organizations looking to understand and streamline the customer journey within individual locations.

  • Self-contained components can be set up to function as needed in any environment
  • Simple, intelligent wireless, digital and hardware solutions generate efficiencies and analytics
  • Scalable and modular solutions let you expand the solution as your needs grow

Solo – the simplest yet most powerful queue management solution for the smoothest, most rewarding customer journeys.

Orchestra (Enterprise)

No matter how large or dispersed your organization, stay in command over every piece of the customer journey from a single point. Orchestra is built with tightly integrated, customized modules and total ecosystem connectivity. It is the most powerful way to optimize productivity and satisfy your customers and employees.

  • Centralized control over user access, system functionality and business intelligence
  • Distributed operations, installations and upgrades with built-in network break tolerance
  • Integrated functionality, web-based installation and assimilation with leading business platforms

Orchestra – centralized control of the customer journey, better queue management, and a consistently excellent customer experience at every location.

About Qmatic

Qmatic is the global leader in customer journey management.

With over 1.8 billion customer journeys across 120 countries every year, Qmatic technology solutions deliver experiences that improve business, support employees, and delight customers, patients and citizens.

Qmatic has its headquarters in Sweden and is represented globally through a broad network of committed subsidiaries and partners. Ventech proudly is a Certified Solution Partner of Qmatic in SEA region, include Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippine, Thailand.

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